A huge part of being a good steward is making smart financial decisions. Where I Give distinguishes itself from other online giving portals through its overall affordability. Many online giving services offer Credit Card transactions that charge a per-transaction fee in addition to a percentage of the total transaction. Being charged twice for one transaction doesn't sound like good stewardship to us. That's why Where I Give only gives the user the option to donate via ACH transactions.

An ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction is essentially online checking. It involves real money being sent from a user's bank account directly into your church's bank account - all for one low per transaction rate. No percentages involved, no double charging. That's smart. That's affordable. That's stewardardship. That's Where I Give.


Let's face it. Convenience is becoming more and more of a determining factor in our every day lives. Studies show that people tend to be generous with their money, but less so with their patience. Why should your church fall behind?

Where I Give's smooth web interface will seamlessly guide the user toward a quick, hassle-free donation to your house of worship. Not only does this provide your congregation the convenience of accepting online donations, but it all happens from your own website! Where I Give allows your church's website to be Where They Give.

Ease of Use

Don't be fooled by the “online check” lingo; ACH is NOTHING like writing a check. In fact, it's equally as easy as using a credit card. After creating a personal account, all the user needs to do is enter their bank account and routing number and they're all set!

Where I Give provides your church members the ability to make one-time donations, or set up reccurring donations (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) from their bank account. Recurring donations allow your church memebers to just "set it and forget it."

In addition to an easy-to-use interface, Where I Give also provides users with short, easy to understand video tutorials to help guide them through the entire process.

We want you to know from the beginning that making things easy is how we do business.


One thing that people value more than convenience is peace of mind. That's why Where I Give uses state of the art web technology to ensure that all data stays encrypted and secure. Remember Heartbleed? Our users were protected before it hit the news.

In an era of ever-changing technology and methods, Where I Give is committed to remaining technologically relevant in its pledge to guard your data against online danger.