The Founders

The founders of Where I Give have roots that reach far back into the non-profit world. Where I Give was founded for one express purpose: To make donating online as efficient and cost-friendly as possible.

Being ground level, and actively engaged in the non-profit world, the founders of Where I Give understand the constant financial pressures of managing a non-profit organization – whether big or small – and how sound stewardship decisions can affect the future of the organization. That’s why our one goal at Where I Give is to put your organization in the best financial position possible.

Smart Decision Making

Many online payment processers give the option of donating by credit card – WE DON’T. Why? Because it’s financially smarter to offer ACH in place of credit cards. Although the costs of processing credit cards will vary via provider, the average cost of processing online payments (for a service similar to Where I Give) is generally around 2-3% of the total transaction amount PLUS an additional $0.25 - $0.40 per transaction fee.

By only offering ACH transactions at a low per transaction rate, you can eliminate paying that large percentage cut of every transaction, thus saving your organization loads of money in the long run. That’s stewardship at its finest. Where I Give makes it possible.

So you might be asking, “Won’t I be eliminating some of my potential donors if I don’t accept credit cards?” No. ACH transactions all originate from a bank account. Chances are, if your potential donor doesn’t have a bank account they don’t have a credit card either.


Having been in the non-profit world for the length of their careers, the founders of Where I Give understand the dynamics of your organization. Non-profits are built on the back of dreams, hard work, dedication, and honesty. Money can be hard to come by and that’s why we want to help you keep more of it in your pocket – not rip you off with high profit margins and unnecessary fees.

In essence we’re pledging to always do business with Integrity. With us you’ll only get solutions, not smoke and mirrors, a sales pitch, and an invoice.